History and position

Paysaz Co. with aim of activity in the field of design, fabrication and erection of heavy metal equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industries was founded in 1967 with the name Stock Werxpor and started activities with Chioda of Japan as a joint venture. The main center of company is in Tehran and the factory is located in Ahwaz.

Paysaz factory have been built in an area of 15000 SQM and 5 hall for manufacturing, production and assemble and execution of the design, fabrication and erection of pressure vessels, towers, heat exchangers, storage tanks for oil, gas, petrochemical industry, power plants, cement industries and because of the proximity to activity centers and oil, gas petrochemical and cement industries as well as Persian Gulf countries, ports and facilities of sea transportation have particular importance. The capacity of factory (6150 Ton) is as follows:

The capacity of factory (6150 Ton) is as follows:

Description Amount (Ton)
1 Manufacture and production of pressure and storage tanks 2700
2 Manufacture and production of steel structure 2400
3 Manufacture and production of parts and sundry equipment 1050
4 Total 61150