Management message

Economic mobilization is the only way to enable a country to develop. Industrial manufacturing is one of the best and most constructive aspects of economic activity. A country which has dedicated people who produce an abundance of goods and services is an independent country which can provide a higher standard of living for its people.

As a developing nation, Iran must strive harder to achieve the economic standards of the industrialized nations. With four decades of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of industrial equipment and machinery, Paysaz Company continues to enjoy the great talents of its young, hardworking staff to maintain an impressive record, even at an international level.

Relying on the technical knowledge and professional skills of our dedicated personnel as well as the valuable experiences and abilities, we will able to complete major projects at an international level, as well as make great contribution to the development of our country. Meanwhile, partnerships and collaborations with internal and external companies will do their best to localization knowledge of project management and technologies and also will make maximum use of the scientific, industrial, construction and construction capabilities.